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Amazing and Unknown Facts about CoC that you may or may not know!

Clash of Clans the most popular Android Game of the century having more than 1 billion active users daily (May 2020). It is addictive, interesting, and strategic all in one package due to which this game has become popular among people of different age groups.

In-app purchases for Clash of Clans brought in over 223.55 million dollars between January and August of 2023. Since its original release in 2012, Supercell’s primary intellectual property has continued to grow.

So for all the die-hard fans of this game here, cocbaselinks will be presenting you with Amazing and unknown facts about Clash of Clans that you never had any idea about.

  1. When Clash of Clans was originally released in the spring of 2010, the first version of the game was in Japanese because the CEO of Supercell thought that having a game in the English language would be offensive to the people of Australia, and Iran.
  2. Clash of Clans was founded in Helsinki, Finland by Supercell. The Company earned a Whooping 1.7 Billion Dollars for the sales of its Games in 2014, last updated in 2019 with $727 m.
  3. Till February 2015, Supercell rakes around $5 Million per day with Clash of Clans.
clash of clans revenue

4. Clash of Clans is based on a true story. The CEO of Supercell has claimed to have traveled back in time to the 12th century when Muhammad was the leader of the Californians. Muhammad’s servant, Dell Taco, had to defend his village, upgrade buildings, and try to win as many trophies as he could.

The CEO then was inspired by this and said to himself… “I shall replicate this in a game, shall I not thee before the God.”

5. Jorge is the first player to break the 4000 trophy mark, which made him instantly famous. 

clash of clans top player

6. Clash of Clans is one of the most protected Online Games that protects the game from hackers with regular updates. The only way to hack is to download a Clash of Clans Modded APK and play it on a private server.

7. According to “Panda (once a top COC player)” who is one of the top COC players he spends around $7000 monthly on his Clash of Clans Village.

8. Some COC characters are inspired by the real character of the world.

Clash of clans facts

9. Tyrael is a top “CoC” player who stays online for 16 hours daily so his base doesn’t get attacked.

10. Clash of Clans Gold Pass introduced in April 2019 gave leads to $27m in revenue in one week this is an amazing boost for game developers. According to Sensor Tower, in the week after it went live, revenue for the game week-on-week was estimated to have increased by 145 percent as players spent an average of $3.9 million a day. The game was said to have made $11 million in the week before its introduction.

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