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Clash Fest Scenery Review in Clash of Clans September 2022

Clash of Clans is one of the most successful mobile strategy games celebrating its 10th anniversary. Clash of Clans always includes new game experiences such as clan war games, several challenges, heroes’ skin, seasonal challenges, and beautiful scenery.

Now Clash of clans come up with brand new scenery called “Clash Fest Scenery” It recently became available in September month. If you want to access this premium Clash Fest Scenery then you have to purchase it with your real money.

The Clash Fest Scenery is described as follows in-game:

“Let the Games begin! The Clash Fest Scenery is here! Prepare for a month of epic challenges and the 2022 World Finals! After purchasing, select the Clash Fest Scenery from the change scenery option. You can always go back and change the scenery by clicking on your Town Hall. This is a limited-time offer!”

Clash Fest Scenery
Clash fest scenery cost

Clash Fest scenery View


clash fest scenery



Clash fest scenery


In Clash of Clans, the limited-edition Clash Fest Scenery is now available as part of a special edition that also includes 25,00,000 Elixir and 25,00,000 Gold.

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