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Clash Royale Best Decks For Triple Elixir Challenge

Players in Clash Royale can earn exclusive rewards like magic items, battle flag tokens, golds, and cards by completing challenges. To keep things fresh for users, Clash Royale offers a new set of challenges every week.

The Triple Elixir Challenge, the most recent challenge in the game, requires players to engage in combat using the triple-elixir format. As of September 1st, players can take part in the challenge at no charge. For the Triple Elixir challenge in Clash Royale, you must have the best decks if you want to secure a resounding single-run victory. Hopefully, we can provide you with some recommendations.

The in-game description of the Triple Elixir Challenge in Clash Royale is as follows:

“Create your own deck and play with triple speed Elixir! 3 losses and you’re out, but you will have a chance to reset your losses and keep your progress.”

Players will be eliminated from the Triple Elixir Challenge after three defeats, much like in the Sudden Death challenge. By using gems or by purchasing the Pass Royale, players can restore their losses while maintaining their progress.

Below, you can check out the list of rewards for the challenge:

  • 70x Banner Tokens
  • 1x Chest Key
  • 5000x Gold
  • 100x Banner Tokens
  • 2500x Gold
  • 1x Elixir Golem Emote

Players can create a powerful deck using the following cards in the Triple Elixir Challenge:

  1. Mega Knight
  2. Skeleton Giant
  3. Pekka
  4. Royal Giant
  5. Electro Giant

Players can utilise these cards to defeat enemy troops and triumph in fights in the most recent Clash Royale challenge since they have high hitpoints and damage capabilities.

First Deck Hog Cycle

  • Hog Rider (Elixir 4)
  • Fireball (Elixir 4)
  • Musketeer (Elixir 4)
  • The Log (Elixir 2)
  • Cannon (Elixir 3)
  • Ice Spirit (Elixir 1)
  • Ice Golem (Elixir 2)
  • Skeletons (Elixir 1)
  • Average Elixir Cost: 2.6

My Personal Deck was-

I unlocked all rewards, with the help of this deck here the proof-

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