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COC Best TH 12 War Base For Clan war and CWL

Looking for the best TH12 war base? COC Town Hall 12, you have arrived at the perfect place. This Town Hall 12 is One of the best war bases for Clan Wars or CWL. To know more about this best war base follow this article.

This Town Hall 12 best War Base is personally tested by me and presently I am playing with this base and the results are just amazing. You can use this base in a clan war or CWL.

Base Layouts

Best Town Hall 12 war base 2022

The town hall in the middle is tightly guarded, which is the first thing you’ll notice, It is extremely difficult for the enemy to draw troops away from the clan castle because it is located in the middle and near the Town Hall.

To protect air defences from lighting spells they are divided into various compartments. They are positioned in compartments close to the base’s center, and they have been effectively partnered with air sweepers, increasing defense against air attacks like lava loons and mass dragons or electro dragons.


  1. Three Super Minion 4 archers.
  2. 1 Lava Hound + 2 Balloon
  3. 2 Ice Golem + 1 Baby Dragon
  4. 3 Witch + 4 Archers
  5. 2 Witch + 1 icegolem+1 archer

Why You Should use this best TH 12 war base-

  1. A Lot of storage spaces to slow down the troops.
  2. Air Defenses positioned in secure compartments
  3. Excellent Defense Against Ground and Air Attack Techniques.
  4. X-bows cover the whole base making it Air/Ground mode
  5. I have been using it for 6 months.

Here is the proof I prefer this base layout and believe me this max Town hall defense trolled Th13 & Th14 players as well. So, if you have a Max Town Hall 12 base you should use this layout with no more confusion especially handpicked for you guys.

Best Th12 war base

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