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COC Brand New Super Troop Ice Hound Explain

Too many winter updates in Clash of Clans or You can say Xmas updates Ice Hound Brand New Super Troop.

This new Super Troop is an upgraded version of Regular Lava Hound Most powerful having more hit points and impactful.

Hot unlock Ice Hound

Ice Hound Properties

  • Damage per Second- 15
  • Hitpoints- 10000
  • Training Cost- 1000 Dark Elixir
  • Spawned Units- 12
  • Freeze time when destroyed- 4.25sec
  • Training Time- 6m 40sec
Ice Hound Properties

How To Unlock Ice Hound?

To unlock the Ice Hound you must have at least a Level 5 Lava Hound, that means you must have Town Hall 12. The upgrade costs 25.000 Dark Elixir and lasts for 3 days.

How To use Ice Hound?

This super troop is best in Lava Loons attack, According to me Ice Hound is more impactful than Lava Hound. The difference in Housing space is only 10 (Ice Hound-40 housing space and Lava Hound- 30)

Difference between Lava and Ice Hound

Ice Hound Fly directly to Air Defenses and this Super troop Protect Your loons, its amazing Hitpoints is just god level.

This Super troop Can be use with Electro dragon and Dragon too.

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