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COC New Super Troop Super Wizard Explained

Clash of Clan’s Brand new super troop update is Super Wizard, yes, and it’s totally amazing and charged with magical power and this is More powerful than the regular one.

It uses 10 housing spaces instead of 4 and the attack is as same as Electro dragon but this super troop can be unlocked in Town hall 12.


Special abilities:- Chain Magic

These super troops are shockingly cool and magical with the stunning ability to chain and attack nearby targets.

Its Chain Magic attack will bounce up to 10 times to different targets as long as those targets are within range of the original target.

The initial bolt deals 100% damage and the secondary deals 60% of the damage.

Funneling with Super wizard(housing space-10) is one of the best options instead of Electro Dragon(housing space-30).

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