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COC Th15 New Pets Frosty, Diggy, Poison Lizard, and Phoneix Explained

There is no doubt that clash of clans upcoming Town Hall 15 is a game-changing update of all time, here we are going to explain COC Th15 New Pets.

There are so many updates in Town hall 15 like new defenses Monolith and Spell towers Hero’s new levels Town hall’s vibrant purple theme, the major changes are New Pets.

1. Frosty

Th15 New pets Frosty

Frosty COC new pets

Players can unlock Frosty at Pet House level 5 whose total upgrade time is about 19 days. Frosty is just ahead of the heroes and releases frostmite on the enemy’s defenses within 4.5 tiles of the hero. Frostmite will slow down the enemy’s defenses.

Frosty attack style

Frosty Level 10 properties-

Target- Air and Ground

Damage per second- 130

Frosty Hitpoints- 3300

Frosty Max level

2. Diggy

Th15 New pets Diggy

COC Diggy pets

Players can unlock Diggy at Pet House level 6 whose total upgrade time is about 19 days and 6 hours. Diggy is a powerful pet and his digging ability makes him special like Miner, Diggy can stun defense for 3 seconds.

If the hero target any specific building then Diggy also follows the hero and attacks the same building, If your hero dies then Diggy follows another hero.

Coc new pet Diggy

Diggy Level 10 properties-

Target- Ground

Damage per second- 150

Diggy Hitpoints- 5000

Diggy pets ability

3. Poison Lizard

Th15 New pet Poison Lizard

COC Poison Lizard

Players can unlock Poison Lizard at Pet House level 7 whose total upgrade time is about 19 days and 12 hours. Poison Lizard works perfectly on enemy heroes and cc troops just like a headhunter, poison lizard is the best pet to counter enemy heroes, don’t use it on buildings or defenses.

coc poison Lizard

Poison Lizard Level 10 properties-

Target- Ground and air

Damage per second- 280

Poison Lizard Hitpoints- 1700

COC new pet Poison lizard

4. Phoenix

COC New pet Phoenix

Players can unlock Phoenix at Pet House level 8 whose total upgrade time is about 19 days and 18 hours. An egg-shaped pet that follows heroes, when the player’s hero might go down then Phoenix comes out of her egg and give temporary 8 seconds of life to the hero, and in that 8 seconds, no one can kill heroes with such a special ability.

COC Phoenix pet ability

Phoenix Level 10 properties-

Target- Ground and air

Damage per second- 250

Phoenix Hitpoints- 4200

coc pet phoenix ability

So, here are the all details of COC Th15 new pets with all abilities and uses, hope this article will help you to hunt the Th15 enemy. My personal opinion on Th15 updates is 8.5 out of 10. Thanks for visiting cocbaselinks.

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