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COC Town Hall 15 Release Date and Leaks

Hey, What’s up COC lovers? Are you excited about the Town Hall 15 Release date, of course, me too, It’s been a long journey of almost 10 beautiful years since COC was released. Clash of clans is on the way to a big update, Maybe mid-October is the timeframe for Th15.

According to Supercell’s statement-

We wanted to give you a heads-up in advance that in our upcoming October update we will be making some changes to the Barracks system!

The Hammer Jam event is on the way, players are upgrading their walls and defenses with a 50% discount, keep grinding guys do it fast these are the indication of the Town Hall 15 release.

Town Hall 15 Confirm- (5-10-2022 updated)

Th15 looks & design-

Th15 Look

Town Hall 15 Storage capacity and more details-

Th15 Storage capacity

Th15 Giga inferno explained-

Th15 giga Inferno max

Th15 New defense- Monolith

Th15 Monolith

Th15 Monolith Explained

Th15 Monolith Explained

Th15 New defense system- Spell Tower

There are 3 spell towers Rage, Poison, and Invisibility Spell tower, you can choose one at a time for a defense.

Th15 Spell Tower

Th15 troop’s new look

Th15 troops

Th15 Laboratory design-

Th15 laboratory

Th15 Defenses-

Archer tower, Airdefense, Wizard Tower, X-bow, and Canons

Th15 defenses

Th15 Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir design-

Th15 Sold Storage

Th15 Clan Castle explained

Th15 clan castle capacity

Th15 New Defenses- Monolith and Spell Tower explained-

Town Hall LevelWall Upgrade cost

Now, You can ignore these leaks now (updated-06-10-2022)

Clash of Clans released Hammer jam Video on YouTube where there is some hint for the Th15 release or design-

Town hall 15

Clash of clans next updates on the Barracks system-

-Barracks System Changes All extra Barracks and Dark Barracks buildings are now removed and you only have one of each!

-Troop training time will be the same with one Barrack or Dark Barracks as it is now with four Barracks or two Dark Barracks.

So, guys, this one is an indication of the Town hall 15 release, maybe Th15 needs more space in the village with some extra defenses, What do you think about this change?

Town Hall 15 Leakes-

Town hall 15 leaks
some new pet in Town hall 15 villages?
Town hall 15 leaks
What are these new buildings?

Town hall 15 release date

For reference, Town Hall 14 arrived in Clash of Clans in April 2021 during the Spring update. Town Hall 13 came out in December 2019. I Hope, Town Hall 15 will be in October or maybe Halloween updates, we have to wait and watch for supercell’s official statements.

Does Hammer Jam mean TH15 will be released at the end of it, or not, there is suspense over it we have to wait till October 10, 2022.

Town Hall 15 Concept-

Many concept artists have shown their own Town Hall 15 concept art on Reddit and Twitter. The purple TH15 concept was one of the many intriguing designs.

Th15 concept
TH15 concept/ source- reddit

Town hall 15 concept

What’s Cooking on Reddit Community on Town Hall 15 Release-

So, guys are you excited about Town Hall 15, or what significant updates do you want to see in Th15, comment below, soon I will come up with more updates.

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