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How To Build a Perfect Base Layout in Clash of Clans?

Keeping your loots and trophies safe is one of the most crucial goals in Clash of clans, for this, we need a perfect base layout.

Everything depends on the layout of your foundation. Defensive strategies not only provide you the ability to defend resources you’ve generated or raided but also to have a fantastic offensive attack plan.

While a well-designed base can safeguard essential resources and keep your foes (and their goblins) out, a poorly built base can give your enemy easy access to your golds, elixir, dark-elixir, trophies, or battle stars.

Here I personally share my ideas with you to build a perfect base layout in Clash of Clans

When you are constructing your base design focus on one thing is that what to protect and what not to protect.

Clash of Clans Base ideas
Th12 base layout example

In Clash of clans, you should never put structures, such as army camps, builder huts, or barracks inside your walls; instead, all of your defences and storage should be in a safe location inside the walls.

Placement of Town Hall

You can either put your Town Hall inside or outside of your fortifications, depending on your strategy.

In Farming Base It’s the storage you want to protect most of any other stuff and in Trophy base your town hall should be inside the walls, in the center, and properly guarded.

For war base storage must be outside to slow down the enemy’s troops so that your defences have sufficient time to kill the enemy’s troops this is a symbol of the perfect base layout in coc

Placement of Storages

Your storages are the most crucial structure to protect, excluding any designs for war bases or large-scale trophy pushes. Dark elixir is the most crucial resource in the game out of all storages.

The most important storage is dark elixir. It should be in the middle of your base and properly protected.

Placing all of their storage units in the center of their base is a crucial error that many players commit. An expert raider can simply enter the center of the base and take all the golds and elixir there. It is harder to steal all of the available loot when storage areas are dispersed.

Placement of Clans Castle

COC Clan Castle Levels
COC Clan Castle

Clan castle is the most important building in the village you can count Clan castle as a structure and storage both. Our Clan castle allows us to store extra loots and bonuses with cc troops which are donated by our clanmates or we buy reinforcement through raid medals.

A recommended location for your clan castle is in the center of your base, close to where you keep your dark elixirs, or near Town Hall.

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