The Full Commands List For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Bedrock commands are textual constructs that have the ability to carry out in-game operations in the amazing world of Minecraft. Bedrock commands can automate that procedure for you, so you can do everything from moving things to teleporting yourself, wiping players’ inventories, making construction blocks, and more. It may be quite time-efficient and entertaining to create worlds if you learn how to use them effectively.

How can I utilise the Bedrock commands in Minecraft?

In Minecraft Bedrock, there are two different ways to use commands. One easy method is by using a “chat window.” To use the command, all you have to do is pick the “Chat” button to bring up the “Chat box” and type the desired command. Keep in mind that all commands must begin with a slash (/), and that they are case-sensitive.

‘Command Blocks’ are a different method of putting commands into action. Enable creative mode first, then open the chat box and type “/give *your username* command block” to get a command block. The procedure for the Bedrock version is as follows!

How to activate cheats?

​Players must first enable “cheats” before they load into their world in order to use commands. The procedure is simple, but bear in mind that using cheats will prevent you from earning achievements in the game.

Syntax and the Help Command

Players who are unfamiliar with how everything works may initially feel a little overwhelmed because the commands in Minecraft Bedrock resemble those in a programming language.

The usage of “/help” or “/?,” which displays a list of all terminal commands, can also provide useful details on a particular command’s functionality. All we need to do is type the name and the word “/help.” For example, “/help locate.”

Minecraft Bedrock Commands Full List

Each command in the Minecraft Bedrock edition is listed here, along with a brief explanation of what it does in-game.

/abilityGrants or revokes the ability of a player
/alwaysdayStops or resumes the day-night cycle
/camerashakeCreates a camera-shaking effect
/changesettingChange a dedicated server setting
/clearClear item(s) from the player’s inventory
/clearspawnpointRemoves the spawn point
/cloneCopies block(s) and put them in a location
/connectConnect to WebSocket server
/deopTakes operator status away from a player
/dialogueOpens NPC dialogue
/difficultySets the game’s difficulty
/effectAdd/Remove status effects
/enchantEnchants a selected item
/eventTriggers an event
/executeExecutes a different command
/fillFills an area with blocks
/fogChanges fog settings
/functionRuns a function
/gamemodeSets player’s game mode
/gameruleSets game rule
/gametestGameTest features
/giveGives an item to a player
/helpDisplays a list of available commands and information about them
/immutableworldSet immutable world state
/kickKick a player
/killKill any entity
/listLists players
/locateLocate the closest structure
/meDisplays a message
/mobeventEnables or disables mob event
/musicAllows the player to play music tracks
/opGives player operator status
/opsReloads or displays permissions list
/particleCreates particle(s)
/playanimationPlay an animation
/playsoundPlays a sound
/reloadReloads functions, advancements and loot tables
/replaceitemReplace any item(s) in inventory
/rideChange ride settings or entities
/saveResume, status query, backup
/sayDisplays a message to multiple players
/scheduleSchedule the execution of a function
/scoreboardManages the scoreboard
/setblockChanges a block
/setmaxplayersThe max amount of players allowed to join
/setworldspawnSets the world spawn point
/spawnpointSet the spawn point of a player
/spreadplayersSpreads entities around the map randomly
/stopThe command used to stop the server
/stopsoundStop a sound
/structureSave or load structures
/summonSummons an entity
/tagControl entity tags
/teleportTeleports entities
/tellrawDisplays message to players (JSON)
/testforNumber of entities matching specified criteria
/testforblockCheck if a block is in a location
/testforblocksCheck if the blocks in the two regions match
/tickingareaList, add, and remove ticking areas
/timeChanges world time
/titleControl screen titles
/titlerawControl screen titles (JSON)
/toggledownfallChanges the weather
/tpSame as ‘/teleport’
/wSame as ‘/tell’ ,’/msg’. Displays private message
/wbEdit restricted blocks. Same as ‘/worldbuilder’
/weatherSets the weather
/xpAdds or removes exp from a player

Minecraft 1.19 Updated commands

The brand new edition of Minecraft 1.19 is cool and it includes some new commands. Some of them are unique to the Bedrock version.


With the use of this command, players can harm entities. You can deal damage to individual mobs, groups of entities, or the entire area or yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use commands?

Yes, using commands in-game is totally safe, as the commands can be used to activate features like entity spawning, teleportation, and traveling fast. Most Minecraft players are using the command nowadays. Low-end PCs can experience lag from excessive use of commands like “fill,”.

Do Minecraft Commands Work on Bedrock?

Commands work in Minecraft Bedrock edition on all platforms as long as cheats are active in the game settings but you can’t use commands in hardcore mode.

So, Keep this page bookmarked to keep learning new commands for Minecraft, and let us know which one is your favourite command in the comments section.

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