Tier List for All Characters in the Wilderness Fantasy

Not sure who to include in your party? We’re here to help with our Wilderness Fantasy tier list. In this guide, we rank every character from the S tier’s pinnacles to the D tier’s lowest points. This will give you a strong knowledge of which heroes are worthwhile and which aren’t, regardless of where you are in the game. Make sure to bookmark this page and return often because we update it as soon as new codes are available.

In the brand-new gacha RPG Wilderness Fantasy, you can take on the role of either a demon hunter or a knight of the round table. In either case, you’ll get to explore a stunning fantasy world, gather a wide range of characters, and engage in challenging strategic gameplay. In Wilderness Fantasy, your decisions have an impact and shape the personality of your character, much like in a console or PC RPG.

Wilderness Fantasy Tier List

Below, we’ll rank all Wilderness Fantasy characters from S tier to D tier.

S Tier

These characters are the best in the game and are well worth rerolling for.

  • This is where our S-tier characters will go.

Wilderness Fantasy Tier List – A Tier

Solid characters that are perfect for filling gaps in your party.

  • This is where our A tier characters will go.

B Tier

Decent options that will carry you through most of the game. Swap them out when you get better characters.

  • This is where our B-tier characters will go.

Wilderness Fantasy Tier List – C Tier

Can fulfill niche roles, or be used in the early game, but are otherwise not worth it.

  • This is where our C-tier characters will go.

D Tier

Avoid these characters at all costs.

  • This is where our D tier characters will go.

That concludes the Wilderness Fantasy tier list. Don’t forget to download it using the buttons at the top of the page, browse our other how-tos by clicking on the links in the third paragraph, bookmark this website, and return frequently for new answers.

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